Blended Drink Mixes

Tea Wave brings together the great tastes of natural fruit blended with the health benefits of Rooibos red tea which contain 50% more antioxidants than green tea and is caffeine free. Tea Wave smoothies are made with pure granulated sugar which allows the taste of fruit to prevail over the sweet syrup flavor of high fructose corn syrups used in most smoothie products.

We are now proud to launch a new beverage program designed specifically for the specialty coffee industry. This turnkey system consists of delicious Barista Fria products that can be used to create countless coffee beverages and fruit smoothies.

Many people don’t know that Cappuccine created the first blended iced coffee mix over 15 years ago in the hot, dry, dusty climate of Palm Springs, California -- home to a number of successful premium coffeehouses. Today, our product line consists of more than 20 gourmet flavors that are proudly served in coffee houses, bakeries, delicatessens, restaurants, and homes all over the world. Our commitment to innovation, great taste, and quality has been acknowledged through 8 national awards from the specialty coffee and gourmet food industries.

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